Our Partners

At EnLive, we are proud to have some fantastic partners in the mission to provide safe, family-friendly entertainment. We ask that you check out their company links below and support these businesses and their efforts to provide quality products and services. 



Believers Today is an Outreach Organization with a vast network of human & technological resources – from digital and media technology, to musicians, singers, dancers, graphic designers and business owners –  united together to uplift spirits and hearts through the power of music. 


wmgw transperant-1WMGW is an international distribution company for CDs, digital downloads, audio books, ringtones and DVD titles in over 100 countries. Representing a range of genres – including Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, World, R+B and Dance – WMGW has spearheaded global distribution for various cable and satellite networks.


Fan the Flames date logoFan the Flames knows that building a love relationship is like starting & feeding a fire. You and your partner first sparked a friendship, then kindled a flame, then built a fire by marrying – believing your love would never die. But when the reality of life sets in, keeping the fire going is hard to do. Fan the Flames can teach you how to keep the romance alive in your life.


textEffect-4Halleluyah Radio, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a Christian internet radio station dedicated to the praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Playing a wide range of Christian music such as international praise and worship, gospel, classic hymns and a talk programs to be added soon.


Christian Film Database: CFDb Banner!-1The Christian Film Database (CFDb) is a fantastic online resource for Christian films on DVD, Blu-ray, 16mm, VHS, VOD and coming attractions for television and theater. CFDb provides an extensive database of films, musicals,  documentaries, and docu-dramas with a Christian message or theme, or are based on a Christian book.


cgnow_logoChristian Games! Now! is a resource for video gaming alternatives that are fun, helpful and beneficial to you and your family. They distribute a wide range of games to Christian retailers, online stores, churches, youth centers, and direct to customers.


vrs-1VRS Inspirational Things is a company specializing in the creation of hand-crafted pillows. These pillows make fantastic gifts to celebrate many different occasions.