EnLive on Yahoo!TV


Newer VIZIO Smart TVs have the Yahoo! Connected TV Store


Reference your Smart TV manual for how to access the Yahoo! Connected TV App store or Contact VIZIO for more information.

Yahoo TV is the most senior of the Smart TV platforms, acting more as a Television assistant rather than a TV replacement.  Yahoo TV is well-integrated into a lot of current app stores out there and their technology is one of the foundations of this style of content consumption.  If your remote has a Yahoo TV button then you have access to the Yahoo Connected TV store.  Most earlier model Smart TVs have access to Yahoo Connected TV Store including 2009-2012 Samsung, Sony, Vizio and Toshiba models.

Here is how you access EnLive Smart TV App in the Yahoo Connected TV Store on these earlier models:

1. Press the Yahoo connected TV button on the remote control

2. Go to the connected TV store

3. Go to categories

4. Select “Movies and TV”

5. Scroll until you see EnLive

6. Click on EnLive – you will be prompted to install the app