About us

Your home is…YOUR home!

Every day it becomes harder and harder to navigate the world of media without being bombarded by negative, violent or inappropriate content.

While you may not be able to monitor the world at large, we believe – just like you – your home should be a place where you can control the images, messages and content that reach and effect your family. Of course the dilemma has traditionally been – where can we find entertainment that is appropriate, interesting and entertaining for everyone?

EnLive answers that question, and meets that need. As the first Christian entertainment offering on Video on Demand in the U.S., we provide the programs you’re looking for, at the press of a button. With access to a vast library of safe, family-friendly content, you can find engaging entertainment for every member of your family.


Building a library…by building bridges

EnLive is a division of Christian Library on Demand (CLD), an online and Video on Demand resource specializing in faith-based programming. Daily we are screening and building our library with kid’s shows, music and music videos, movies and drama, art house, sports, health and lifestyle, and more… All of our programming meets an established criteria for production quality, faith-based content and entertainment value.

We are an international resource for Christian Communities for the distribution of Christian video presentations and we also offer an outlet, resource and support for up-and-coming Christian film-makers and artists.